About us

I’m Nico and I was born and bred in Albania, where I trained as a carpenter and builder. I came to London 15 years ago and have gradually built up a well-respected business and mustered a small team of trusted workmates.

Many of my first jobs were in and around Islington and I was fortunate enough to be recommended by several of my customers to their friends who lived nearby, so I increasingly focused on the one borough.

This local specialisation has its advantages. It’s helped me build a strong reputation that’s spread by word of mouth. And it means that I can supervise more than one job at a time when tasks are being carried out by members of my team at homes in close proximity to one another. One of my valued customers has pointed out another benefit: “Nico’s excellent links with local suppliers helped us greatly when we were choosing showers, fittings, tiles, radiators, etc.”

I’ve acquired a very good knowledge of the types of properties in Islington, so that I often know instinctively what’s going on behind the plasterwork or beneath the floor. Whatever work you need doing, the chances are that I and my team already have experience of a similar job in a similar property.